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Although I do feel that with a show like ours we oursel

Although I do feel that with a show like ours we ourselves are getting a lot more young listeners at concerts.
Marian McPartland
Even Bollywood films set in rural areas have music with a western touch. So, this has resulted in listeners losing touch with their cultural roots.
The more of my readers I encounter who say, often apologetically, that they are actually listeners, the more I write for the ear rather than the eye. Small things like identifying speakers in dialogue rather than relying on paragraphing to mark the shifts.
Since we have members who have grown up abroad, we really want to introduce Blackpink to K-pop listeners worldwide.
There are ways that women absorb situations, and I think women are different kinds of listeners. They’re different in terms of how they parse out problem solving.
The Rolling Stones are violence. Their music penetrates the raw nerve endings of their listeners and finds its way into the groove markedrelease of frustration.’
Listeners are kind of ambushed… if a poem just happens to be said when they’re listening to the radio. The listener doesn’t have time to deploy what I call their ‘poetry deflector shields’ that were installed in high school – there’s little time to resist the poem.
People have become less discriminating listeners, which is tragic, really. There’s a lot of emperor‘s new clothes out there, whether they’re female or male solo acts. That bothers me. It’s hard to break through, and it’s like climbing Mount Everest if you actually do.
When we bemoan the lost golden age of music, it’s worth remembering that mainstream radio listeners of the ’60s and ’70s, particularly in Canada, missed out on an outpouring of brilliant R&B music.
Today, only 2 percent of the people know the name of someone serving in uniform. That means 2 percent of your listeners can actually conjure up the image of someone wearing the uniform of the military of the United States.
I think pastors are the worst listeners. We’re so used to speaking, teaching, giving answers. We must learn to be quiet, quit being so verbal, learn to pay attention to what’s going on, and listen.
It’s been so amazing. I’ve always struggled with this barrier that I felt like I’d had up until blogging came along. Just one comment from somebody really sparks something in me. It doesn’t need to be this huge war between me and the listeners anymore. I really thrive on that.
President Obama was asked not long ago to reflect on any mistakes he might have made. He said, well, ‘I haven‘t communicated enough.’ He said his job is to ‘tell a story to the American people’ – as if that’s the whole problem here? He needs to talk more, and we need to be better listeners?
Good listeners, like precious gems, are to be treasured.
Walter Anderson
As long as everyone is having fun, especially our listeners, that’s what counts. I try to put my team in the best spot possible for them to win and to deliver a great show to our listeners.
Politicians are good listeners. Because if they’re not, they aren’t politicians for very long.
Even if I can give my listeners peace for 30 minute through my voice, then I would feel I’ve done something for the society.
Once you understand that listeners want to be challenged, then you also understand that you can’t take shortcuts.
Country fans and country listeners deserve to have something better… a song that really has something to say, something that makes you feel something.
I like to get input from all different kinds of listeners, including the really conservative ones, and sometimes those listeners steer me in a direction that I haven’t seen. But at the end of the day, my vote is always to go in the direction that makes me the most excited.
I’m an entertainer. Not a journalist or spokesman for anybody. Truth is, a lot of my listeners absolutely hate what I have to say.
I love melodic tunes and I think Kannada listeners have an ear for romantic songs.
Mani Sharma
It’s a great feeling to be recognized by your peers. It’s an even better feeling to be welcomed and accepted by country radio and its listeners. If desire is any part of this equation, then I’m a contender!
Chely Wright
Poetry is meant to inspire readers and listeners, to connect them more deeply to themselves even as it links them more fully to others. But many people feel put off by the terms of poetry, its odd vocabulary, its notorious difficulty.
Whatever the raw material, the material itself is unimportant until it’s catalyzed by emotional fervor. So in the ideal exchange between me and my listeners, they wouldn’t ‘figure out’ my music. They would feel their pulse racing and the hair standing up on the backs of their necks.
Steven Stucky
Too often, politics is like bad theater. The mass media simplifies stories and personalities into their most basic, digestible and familiar bits. Listeners prefer songs they have heard before, after all.
I try to change my concert program every couple of yearshopefully to keep my listeners interested.
I think there is always going to be inspired music and there are always going to be inspired listeners and there is always going to be an inspired method of getting it from A to B.
Because the casual music listeners are the ones who turn on the radio and they don’t really care what’s playing, they just know that they kinda like it or it’s easy to drive to or it’s easy to sing along to or whatever.
There was a time when content could be manipulated with money, but today we have surpassed that. Now, only good content will create ripples and strike a chord because the artistes are connecting directly with their listeners through social media.
One of the greatest listeners I know is Bob Tishman. Th

One of the greatest listeners I know is Bob Tishman. That has probably had the greatest impact on my life than any other thing.
Jerry Speyer
I just feel like bands with the same people, no matter how different the band themselves thinks it is, the listeners go, ‘Oh, yeah, it’s another Nirvana record.’
If I were to name my favorite pastime, I’d have to say talking about myself. I love it and I think most other people do too. We need, people like us, more listeners and less talkers.
If my singing leaves a long-lasting effect in the mind of the listeners, it is the blessing of the Almighty.
To be on ‘Coast to Coast,’ you have to be willing to stay awake in the middle of the night. But in return you get a great audience of millions of listeners all across the nation.
George Noory
We are obsessive NPR listeners.
Whenever I work on a song, my focus is on the listeners who follow my type of music.
Kendrick Lamar is a phenomenal artist whose work has served as a catalyst to raise a new level of consciousness for this generation. His message challenges the status quo and motivates listeners to rethink our society’s institutions.
I probably have more female friends than any man I’ve ever met. What I like about them is that almost always they’re generally mentally tougher, and they’re better listeners, and they’re more capable of surviving things.
With a vast majority of conservative voters and listeners solidly behind Mr. Trump, conservative critics of the president find themselves isolated and under siege.
I hit ‘record’ whenever I’m going through a really hard time. I don’t listen to it for a couple of days, so I have some perspective. If it’s too personal to share, and I feel like would alienate the listeners, then I usually don’t share that stuff.
I think listeners are hungry to hear quality.
Write your own songs. It helps you to mean what you’re singing, which will then make it mean something to listeners.
Natasha Bedingfield
I think Bollywood stars should stay away from independent music videos because this is our most personal and direct way of connecting with our listeners.
We hope that our music does not stop at giving joy to the listeners but also change their lives positively.
What I place most importance on is trying to create more opportunities to showcase the music, in a way that new listeners will be able to understand and feel passionate about.
Joe Hisaishi
If we play to first time Blink 182 listeners, it’s good they are listening to us and not the Backstreet Boys. Old Fans or new fans, it’s all the same to us.
I never thought we were a country band in the first place. I think we’ve gotten ourselves into a place where we don’t underestimate our listeners and what potential there is for the music they’ve heard all their lives.
I just continue to do my work with dedication. Really, it’s my listeners who have given me 40 years of bhushana. However, my ultimate probably would be to sing in front of god. That will be something.
K. J. Yesudas
We hope to win over new listeners who would normally never listen to an Aly & AJ record. That’s our greatest expectation we’ve set for ourselves.
My songwriting is personal in the hope that listeners will know that I relate to them.
Listeners instinctively detect that when we lower the usual pitch of our voice, we are sad, and when we raise it, we are angry or fearful.
The long history of conversations that family members share contributes not only to how listeners interpret words but also to how speakers choose them.
As the lone black host at two different all-sports stations, black callers and listeners dominated my show. Black advertisers did not. The show was financially supported primarily by white businesses, and the largest demographic for listener growth was white males.
Interested listeners have only to hear the recording to find out if those guys, who go to such pains to undervalue my work, are right. All people have to do is listen to realize it is a beautiful record.
Bill Dixon
If you capture the first thought that you have when you’re creating, and then play that to people, it’s kind of like the listeners are part of that beginning. And that’s the most exciting part.
I’ll meet listeners who tell me what a great voice I have. But I don’t have a great voice for radio. My voice is the utterly normal voice, but sheer repetition has made them think it’s OK. Mick Jagger once was asked, ‘What makes a hit song? He said, ‘Repetition.’
The reality is that a consumer culture which chucks out its iPhones for a new version every nine months is completely unsustainable, because Earth has already reached the tipping point. ‘The General Strike’ attempts to personalize these issues and encourage listeners to look for a new model.
Justin Sane
Women have to be active listeners and interrupters – but when you interrupt, you have to know what you are talking about.
If you think about ‘The Pill‘ by Loretta, that was totally blacklisted back then. But she revolutionized and liberated a generation of women – country listeners and beyond – that were sort of in that box and were able to break out of it.
Great entrepreneurs are often great listeners and they can spot patterns and pick up on small details in customer stories.
Alexander Osterwalder
To intoxicate the masses until they were heady with the

To intoxicate the masses until they were heady with the wine of inspiration was all I lived for. To me, this was elixir… I wax lyrical. I literally am overcome, and this is transmitted to my listeners.
The ones the listeners loved most of all in those early years were the four Lennon girls who became the whole nation’s little sisters.
I think Twitter is great for showing your personality and just your random thoughts and dropping a jewel on your listeners, fans and followers.
That’s what made me fall in love with music in the first place was the idea of being able to take listeners on a journey across forty or sixty minutes.
‘HEAVN’ is about black girlhood, about Chicago, about the people we miss who have gone on to prepare a place for us somewhere else, about the city/world we aspire to live in. I hope this album encourages listeners to love themselves and love each other.
Country music listeners really like genuineness, and I hope that’s what we portray, and I think that’s what we do.
I had found English audiences highly satisfactory. They are the best listeners in the world. Perhaps the music-lovers of some of our larger cities equal the English, but I do not believe they can be surpassed in that respect.
But while I was working with my team to conceptualize ‘White Night’, we hit writer‘s block and couldn’t come up with a single that I felt would resonate with listeners.
I’m a workaholic. My listeners, I think, they know me as a workaholic already. But, you know, work is my love.
What makes ‘American Pie‘ so unusual is that it isn’t a relic from the counterculture but a talisman, which, like a sacred river, keeps bringing joy to listeners everywhere. When ‘American Pie’ suddenly is played on a jukebox or radio, it’s almost impossible not to sing along.
The music that I make is built on layers upon layers of musical ideas. I want to keep it fun and fresh to where listeners won‘t get everything from just one listen. They can go back to it months, weeks, or even years later and hear something that they didn’t ever hear before. That’s what it’s all about.
I treat everybody equal, and so I want to be sure that my listeners and my followers do the same if they’re gonna represent me. And if I’m gonna represent them, then I also want to do it in a good way.
Dogmatists have one advantage: they are poor listeners.
The concept of ‘Blue‘ is to transport its listeners to a different world with music. And I chose to release a full-length album because it enables me to experiment with many different production styles, not just a single sound, and take listeners on a journey.
There is great strength in vulnerability, as it takes courage to push through the fear and share one’s true self with others. In music, that vulnerability really speaks to listeners as it connects with their own hearts.
Super casual music listeners. That’s most of the people in the world. And you have to understand, that’s why Top 40 radio exists. It’s not there for people who seek out music and who love music.
Actually, ‘Phir Na Mile Kabhi’ is a very emotional and a heartbreak song and somewhere it does touch the heart of the listeners as it touched my heart as well.
For listeners, the song ‘Kehne ko jashn-e-baharaa hai’ looks a very easy number. In fact, it was a challenge to sing the song as I had to really suppress my voice and make it appear like a casual track.
I will keep playing as long as my body lets me, and as long as I’m wanted by my listeners. Because music is the only thing that keeps me going.
The great jazz radio stations have a duty to continue evolving their format just as audiences ask the musicians to evolve. How do you do that with a form of music that has 100 years of recorded history? How do you also keep it contemporary so you don’t isolate your listeners? These are major questions.
After Chuck Berry died, it seemed web sites popped up like mushrooms to show where he’d taken the guitar introduction to ‘Johnny B. Goode’ from to prove that his music was nothing new, that it was only ignorance, or vanity, that led his listeners to think that not only was the music different – they might be, too.
A lot of shows take place here and people of Dubai are very good listeners too. Definitely a lot of talent comes here and a lot happens here which is very encouraging for artists.
The stage is close to being in the middle of the hall, so that the performers are surrounded by the listeners. I feel that we are all experiencing the music together.
Emanuel Ax
I really hope that with my album, because I have a bit more of a mainstream crossover following, I really hope that I can introduce some new listeners to this world of instrumental music.
There is kind of this spirit in journalism to tell both sides of the story and to just let the listeners choose what they want to choose, and I understand that, and there’s a place for it, but on some issues, we really do need to take a stand.
I haven’t said this yet, but my goal for this ‘Beautiful’ album is not to say, ‘I’m beautiful,’ or, ‘OK, I’m so cool.’ This is, honestly, an album written for the listeners.
We try not to think that our listeners are one-track-minded people with the music they listen to.
I don’t know if high society is different in other cities, but in Hollywood, important people can’t stand to be invited someplace that isn’t full of other important people. They don’t mind a few unfamous people being present because they make good listeners.