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If you look at pop stars through the ages, we've had ca

If you look at pop stars through the ages, we’ve had camp, glam popstars from the 80s – your George Michaels and what have you – but then people went back to the closet a bit, and became more homogenised and generic.
What I don’t like is constructing a book that fits in with any kind of generic template, whether it’s fiction or nonfiction.
T.J.’s not a good person. He’s not a good person. He’s kind of a generic version of Dominick Cruz.
It’s very hard for me to write a generic song that could be sung by anybody.
NASA is an utterly fascinating place, and the fact that the buildings look so anonymous almost makes it more fascinating. You walk by a generic office-park-looking building, and you have no idea what’s going on inside.
The value that the generic drug industry brings to the U.S. healthcare system is indisputable.
I know, it sounds generic and is a cliche, but coming from a middle class family in Kanpur, it was always the neighbourhood opinions which mattered.
I never claimed to be a generic artist, period. I never wanted to be a generic artist.
What gets left out is the narrative between the bullets, which would tell us who‘s going to do what and how we’re going to achieve the generic goals on the list.
Edward Tufte
Almost every script that I’ve gotten has been for sort of the generic Hollywood type. I haven‘t chosen them. All the ones I have chosen are because I’ve been fascinated with the source material or because of the script.
Biologics must be grown in living systems – fermented, for example, in large vats of bacteria cells. This makes them hard to replicate. For decades, biologics weren’t subject to competition from copycat generic medicines, even once patents and exclusivities had lapsed on originals.
I know I was a generic dysfunctional child, but I think a lot of people are.
We originally started AdNectar to serve brand advertisers, but we’ve now found that our publishers are greatly benefiting from integrating our system. In addition to a new revenue source and the data our API provides, it turns out users actually prefer branded over generic virtual items.
If anything, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey‘ is a generic romance cynically engineered to appeal to the lowest common denominator of female fantasy.
The most fascinating powers don’t mean a thing if the guy‘s poorly motivated or dull, and the most generic powers won‘t hurt a well-motivated character. Personality and motivation are what make Magneto, Magneto and not Cosmic Boy. The powers work for him, but it’s his motivation that makes him the character he is.
Vivian Abenshushan and Veronica Gerber write brilliant books that defy generic conventions.
There are a lot of stuff on the record that I am thinking is generic but actually it is just as good as everybody else who is putting stuff out at the time.
Despite all of our games, all of our success together – ‘Elder Scrolls,’ when we started, it was a very generic fantasy. It had its parts. We pushed it to have more of its own unique identify. We’re proud of the work everyone did there.
I don’t care that people thought I was one way for my whole career because now that I am not attached to a team, I can have my own opinion, I can have my own voice. I can link myself to my own thought process rather than a generic message most teams try to get across.
As commissioner, I will attempt to see that no man is judged by the irrational criteria of race, religion, or national origin. And I assure you, I use the word ‘man’ in the generic sense, for I mean to see that the principle of nondiscrimination becomes a reality for women as well.
Eleanor Holmes Norton
My books are not generic. You know when you’re reading a Joy Fielding book.
Joy Fielding
The word deepfake has become a generic noun for the use of machine-learning algorithms and facial-mapping technology to digitally manipulate people’s voices, bodies and faces. And the technology is increasingly so realistic that the deepfakes are almost impossible to detect.
From the outside, Rick Rubin’s house above Zuma Beach is a generic millionaire beach home. There’s a rarely used tennis court and a circular drive.
Out of every 10 scripts I get sent, seven are fairly generic about an American guy who gets the girl and is involved in underground espionage activity.
I’d like to work more, but I don’t just want to do kind of generic characters. I want to do interesting characters, and I’d like to be cast against type.
There is no ‘generic’ Latina.
What I try to do with the accent of any character I play is not necessarily to do something that’s generic – an Indian accent and that’s how it sounds, for example. I think the accent needs to sound authentic on this person.
Adhir Kalyan
My father was a corporate lawyer. He went to work in a suit and tie. He had a secretary. He left the house before seven A.M. His professional life felt generic, like a backdrop, a signifier more than a life: office job.
I know I’m different and I don’t fit in to any kind of generic mould.
I didn’t want to come up with some generic Johnny Bravo type name. I’m not that cool, so I might as well stick with my birth name.
People are getting force-fed commercial, generic records that are just safe, safe, safe.
I'm not of the opinion that all software will be open s

I’m not of the opinion that all software will be open source software. There is certain software that fits a niche that is only useful to a particular company or person: for example, the software immediately behind a web site’s user interface. But the vast majority of software is actually pretty generic.
Brian Behlendorf
If you work in the studio system in America, they’ve almost got to the point where a computer programme could write scripts. Effectively, they hire and fire enough writers until they get something generic.
Things went in a direction that I didn’t want to go. I started doing bit parts and things that are pretty much laid out for people in my position. The parts were pretty generic.
I love Italian food but that’s too generic a term for what’s available now: you have to narrow it down to Tuscan, Sicilian, and so on.
With giant sites like Facebook and MySpace becoming as generic as Yahoo and AOL of old, more and more sites will be looking for an edge by drilling down deeply to serve a highly targeted audience.
Everyone seems agreed that writing about sex is perilous, partly because it threatens to swamp highly individualised characters in a generic, featureless activity (much like coffee-cup dialogue, during which everyone sounds the same), and partly because it feelstacky.
It’s kind of too generic, a male lead.
Just as TurboTax simplified much of the tax process, so has the colossally scary legal process been reduced to a kinder, gentler series of mouse clicks and ‘Continuebuttons by LegalZoom, the online leader that has become so prominent in its market that it’s practically a generic.
Cipla has already developed a generic version, oseltamivir, which would be much cheaper than Tamiflu, the only available drug effective in treating avian flu.
Yusuf Hamied
Unfortunately, our stock is somehow not well understood by the markets. The market compares us with generic companies. We need to look at Biocon as a bellwether stock. A stock that is differentiated, a stock that is focused on R&D, and a very, very strong balance sheet with huge value drivers at the end of it.
In today‘s world, it is shortsighted to think that infectious diseases cannot cross borders. By allowing developing countries access to generic drugs, we not only help improve health in those nations, we also help ourselves control these debilitating and often deadly diseases.
I criticized the whole American songwriting industry and the pop side of it and I was bitter about it. And I stepped back and thought ‘Why are you bitter? You can’t just stand there like every other indie musician and criticize this so-called ‘generic’ music when you’re not doing anything to challenge that.’
Many companies claim they have core values, but typically what they’re referring to are generic beliefs: having integrity, making a profit, responding to customers and so on. These values only have meaning when they’re defined in terms of how people behave and are ranked to set priorities.
My daughters prefer Tears for Fears songs as they’re more upbeat and generic. Dad‘s songs are ‘a little too sad‘ for them, which just means that they’re harder to understand.
Increasing patient access to more affordable, FDA-approved generic and biosimilar medicines is a proven and tested solution to lowering prescription drug costs.
Taking it in its wider and generic application, I understand faith to be the supplement of sense; or, to change the phrase, all knowledge which comes not to us through our senses we gain by faith in others.
Ivo Graham
I’m just trying to avoid any sort of generic kind of music – I don’t want to do generic jazz or fusion.
I’m still figuring out why people would want to look at me. Maybe it’s generic beauty, but it’s weird to be valued for something I was born with.
Josie Maran
Don’t be afraid to fail. You’re going to go on a million auditions, and most of them you won’t get. It’s very easy to think, ‘This is not going to work for me,’ but keep at it. It’s very generic advice, but you have to be willing to keep yourself in the game.
I’m this generic, ambiguous scapegoat for white people to call me a race traitor and take out their hostility on. And I’m a target for anger and pain about white people from the black community. It’s like I am the worst of all these worlds.
I think there’s something great and generic about goldfish. They’re everybody’s first pet.
Beauty is not generic, bland, and clinical. It isn’t all things to all people. The Cathedral of Notre Dame in its endlessly intricate detail was beautiful. Modern office buildings are not.
There’s nothing worse for a mentor than being asked generic questions that anyone could answer. They want to ensure that their time is having an impact on you.
You can’t say the public likes generic characters. Give others a chance, go for a more rooted and honest characterisation, take some risk, and then let the public choose.
The generic Canadian style of illustration is different from the generic American style.
Moralistic is not moral. And as for truth – well, it’s like brown – it’s not in the spectrum. Truth is so generic.
EpiPen is not unique. It falls into a category of old drugs, many of which should have long been subject to generic competition.
I had a really generic upbringing, I think, when it comes to viewing movies as a kid. I didn’t really know what was out there or what was being tried. I was, like, ‘E.T.’ and ‘Indiana Jones.’ Those were the only things I knew existed.
Rock shrimp is so generic.
I want to avoid becoming too styled, too ‘done‘ and too generic. You see people as they go through their career, and they just become more and more like everyone else. They start out with something individual about them, but it gets lost.
We should look for ways to expedite generic drug approv

We should look for ways to expedite generic drug approvals, particularly for products that have a long history of being safe and effective.
My provocative statement is that we desperately need a serious, scientific theory of cities and scientific theory means quantifiable, relying on underlying generic principles that can be made in a – put into a predictive framework. That’s the quest.
Television has changed. There’s obviously the generic shows, but on HBO and AMC, there are some really great series, so I’m not closed off to television. If there’s an amazing role with amazing people and a great story, I’d definitely be open to it.
Amanda Crew
Just as dressing well in your forties entails making choices that reflect who you are and not just wearing generic basics, looking good as you get older requires accentuating and enjoying what’s specific to you rather than striving for cookie-cutter perfection.
In the studio system, things are expected of a film. By the first, second, third act, there’s a generic language that comes out of the more commercial system.
If you do generic things, you know, after a while, brands or designers become stagnated.
Certainly the caffeine in coffee, whether it’s Starbucks or generic coffee, is somewhat of a stimulant. But if you drink it in moderation, which I think four or five cups a day is, you’re fine.
I think everything‘s experimental whether you like it or not. I think that people who do generic pop are experimenting with cliches. It’s no less than I am experimenting with noise or unknown music – until you say, ‘This is my song, or this is my composition‘ – it’s all experimental, whether you like it or not.
Bill Laswell
As a child, I was always playing some generic child.
Susan Olsen
Stationery gets me excited because it has an individual character, unlike computers, which may be convenient but are generic and bland.
One of the biggest factors fueling the angst over drug prices in the U.S. is that some older medicines that should be sold cheaply as generics are still priced very high, often owing to a dwindling number of generic competitors and the rising cost of producing these drugs.
Turning a zombie pandemic into a generic disaster movie robs the zombies of their dirty, nasty edginess and robs the disaster of its epic scope.
I am deeply troubled by Mylan’s misclassification of the EpiPen as a generic drug.
Years later, when I was working as a trolley wally in a supermarket, I tackled the boredom by talking to the customers in as many different accents as I could manage. I started with one that I didn’t think would alert any suspicion – generic Asian – then moved on to Irish, Welsh, Australian and American.
The cliches are that it’s the most generic Starsky and Hutch plot you can find.
I don’t think the philosophy really changes between men and women. I think golf courses need to become more distance-friendly overall. I think golf courses almost need to develop a more generic set of tees instead of calling them black, blue, red or whatever.
Amy Alcott
‘Chels-emojis’ are in the works. I use emojis heavily in life, and I think a lot of people do. There are a number that are frustratingly absent – you know how there’s kind of a generic white man and a generic white woman? I just want to put a generic black man and a generic black woman.
One dirty tactic big pharmaceutical companies use is keeping drug prices artificially high through anti-competitive conduct, such as paying competitors millions of dollars to stop them from creating generic drugs.
I understand what I look like, and I understand the strengths I have, which is basic, generic white guy.
I tend to play every color in the Southern rainbow, and the challenge is to make each character different so I’m not doing any generic ‘Southern acting.’
That generic outlook of what a ‘WWE champion‘ should be is a joke to me. The casual fan walks in and expects to see a guy in short trunks with abs and a shaven body. I do not believe in that.
If you’re inclined to dismiss L.A. as a place of unrelenting vapidity and generic 1980s architecture, then you’re doing yourself and L.A. a huge disservice, and you’re just not looking hard enough.
I think that there’s a real appetite for opinion-driven satire, not just generic making jokes about what’s in the news but actually point-of-view-driven stuff.
If Ohio was a food, it would be Benadryl. If Chicago was pizza, Ohio is Benadryl, or some sort of generic over-the-counter.
I will not programme generic orchestrations but try to find original ones – when I play Richard Rodgers songs, for example, I have Peggy Lee‘s original orchestrations that I got from her granddaughter for them.
In general, I feel so much of pop culture is set in the generic big city, particularly comics. I feel like there are so many other stories to tell.
I think that I recall the nostalgic ’50s: the start of early television and rock-and-roll, and I think everything seemed to get very generic. Not much has changed.
My father was a physicist, while I am a biogeochemist. I live to study plants, and he has never had more than a generic interest in biology.
I never looked up what a Midwestern accent was; I just did a very generic one.
There are those who believe that the existence of gender differences at very early ages is evidence that these differences are biological or generic in origin.
Traditionally, there’s been a desire to make shows relatable so the maximum number of people would think of those characters as being recognizably like them. The risk there is you can push everything in a somewhat generic direction.
Roy Price
It's difficult to build services that are supposed to s

It’s difficult to build services that are supposed to scale to, you know, 30, 50, 100 million users right off the bat because they got to be kind of tailored down; by definition, they have to be a little bit generic to speak to that large of an audience.
The regulatory approach of the Food and Drug Administration and the Patent and Trademark Office has driven up the costs of generic drugs.