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I believe that these devices like repetition and rhyme

I believe that these devices like repetition and rhyme are not artificial, that they’re not imposed, somehow, on the language.
In rap, as in most popular lyrics, a very low standard is set for rhyme; but this was not always the case with popular music.
You can get people to follow very intricate pathways of musical information, but it feels like a nursery rhyme or a children‘s story.
Generally speaking, rhyme is the marker for the end of a line. The first rhyme-word is like a challenge thrown down, which the poem itself has to respond to.
I generally, you know, I don’t – I don’t really scat. I’m – I’m basically a songwriter so you need a little lyrics that rhyme and stuff.
It’s useless to try and make rhyme or reason of it, because one guy thinks one thing and the other guy sees a whole other thing. So I try not to take them too seriously. Lately I have them screened so I only read the positive ones.
It excites me when a person puts their whole self in a song or rhyme, or instrument. It fills me.
Take a simple name like Nicholas: you can rhyme it with ridiculous. If you aren’t too meticulous. You know, every word’s rhymable.
Sammy Cahn
There will always be a place for bunnies to talk in rhyme, but that’s not what I do.
Constantly risking absurdity and death whenever he performs above the heads of his audience, the poet, like an acrobat, climbs on rhyme to a high wire of his own making.
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
When you start rhyming, it’s hard to find things that rhyme with Yauch, Horovitz and Diamond.
Everything that Traffic ever did, I’d give Steve a complete lyric, titled, written out with the verse, the bridge, the shape and rhyme and then Steve had to figure out how the meter of the words would fit musically.
Jim Capaldi
I’m happy unless I’m not happy. And I think this is the thing with grief, there is no rhyme or reason to it and it’s been completely different to how I thought it was going to be.
The earliest English attempts at rhyming probably included words whose agreement is so slight that it deserves the name of mere ‘assonance’ rather than that of actual rhyme.
One of my favorite moments was when me and Jay-Z made a song ‘For Rhyme or Reason.’ It ended up on ‘Reasonable Doubt,’ but they switched the beat because we couldn’t get clearance from my label.
Mike Dean
You know, the music business is like the Lotto. Just put your numbers down and sometimes they hit, and sometimes they don’t. There’s just no rhyme or reason.
There’s kind of no rhyme or reason to what is appealing to any given actor. It just is, or it isn’t. It’s kind of like dating. You either connect to someone or you don’t. You can’t really say why.
There’s no rhyme or reason to how I dress.
The poetic act consists of suddenly seeing that an idea splits up into a number of equal motifs and of grouping them; they rhyme.
Stephane Mallarme
Once in awhile you have a thought, and you rhyme it.
My thing was, I loved music. I played music: I played the saxophone. So the little bit of music knowhow I had, I tried to implement that in every thing I did, from my style, my cadence, the way I tried to pause and stagnate it; that all came from John Coltrane and listening to jazz albums. Trying to rhyme like a jazz player.
Hound Dog’ took like twelve minutes. That’s not a complicated piece of work. But the rhyme scheme was difficult. Also the metric structure of the music was not easy. ‘Kansas City‘ was maybe eight minutes, if that. Writing the early blues was spontaneous. You can hear the energy in the work.
Jerry Leiber
I work best in rhyme and meter. I was most confident of myself in that way.
Thom Gunn
I could talk all day, T stands for talking, T stands for tender, T stands for things that don’t even rhyme with T.
I am my own parent when it comes to rapping and do impromptu stuff. Being a rapper, you have to be good at improvising, like you give me a word and I have to rhyme it quickly and then make sense out of the rhyme.
All of us suffer some injuries from experiences that seem to have no rhyme or reason. We cannot understand or explain them. We may never know why some things happen in this life. The reason for some of our suffering is known only to the Lord.
I hear a little firecracker go off when you come up with a good rhyme.
All through my life, I was hated on. When I was in middle school, they used to write in my rhyme book, ‘You suck‘ or ‘This sucks.’
I’ve been writing since I was five years old. I used to write poetry, and I loved to rhyme.
My feeling is that poetry will wither on the vine if you don’t regularly come back to the simplest fundamentals of the poem: rhythm, rhyme, simple subjects – love, death, war.
When people ask me, ‘When are you gonna stop rhyming?’ I don’t know when I’m gonna stop rhyming because we all got situations. Even when I get 50 or 60 years old, if God spares my life, if I got false teeth and I’m still rhyming, I have to rhyme about that.
As soon as war is declared it will be impossible to hol

As soon as war is declared it will be impossible to hold the poets back. Rhyme is still the most effective drum.
A lot of underground hip-hop will inspire me as far as rhyme patterns – really wordy, intelligent lyrics.
Children seem naturally drawn to poetry – it’s some combination of the rhyme, rhythm, and the words themselves.
Jack Prelutsky
There seems to be no rhyme or reason for Aleister Black and Bobby Lashley to collide, because the world teaches us that sometimes there is no reason or rhyme for conflict.
I derided Christians as anti-intellectual bigots who were too weak to face the reality that there is no rhyme or reason to the world.
The basic rhymes in English are masculine, which is to say that the last syllable of the line is stressed: ‘lane‘ rhymes with ‘pain,’ but it also rhymes with ‘urbane’ since the last syllable of ‘urbane’ is stressed. ‘Lane’ does not rhyme with ‘methane.’
I write in a mathematical manner. For some of my songs, I rhyme every syllable. It’s a science.
Politicians must be simple and clear about how their ideas will serve the national cause. We can no longer use the complexity of today‘s problems as an excuse for inaction, rhyme or rhetoric that does not meet the challenges before us.
Alan Siegel
Rhyme is a mnemonic device, an aid to the memory. And some poems are themselves mnemonics, that is to say, the whole purpose of the poem is to enable us to remember some information.
I think of myself as a reporter. I just rhyme my reports and give them a beat.
It’s difficult to make your clients understand that there are certain days that the market will go up or down 2%, and it’s basically driven by algorithms talking to algorithms. There’s no real rhyme or reason for that. So it’s difficult. We just try to preach long-term investing and staying the course.
Warren Stephens
Though my poems are about evenly split between traditionally formal work that uses rhyme and meter and classical structure, and work that is freer, I feel that the music of language remains at the core of it all. Sound, rhythm, repetition, compression – these elements of my poetry are also elements of my prose.
My first record was about childhood. There were a lot of nursery rhyme and fairytale references; it was all about being naive.
One hundred percent, all your Shakespeare training serves you in the work in musical theater today: specifically in modern musical theater, our soliloquies, and now what we call rap. It’s the reason it’s so easy to learn, because it’s verse; it’s rhyme! It just sticks in the soul very easily.
I think it is interesting to think about the absolute animal relish young people have for rhythm and rhyme.
I was promised on a time – to have reason for my rhyme; From that time unto this season, I received nor rhyme nor reason.
Edmund Spenser
Assonance is not the enemy of rhyme. It helps us to respect rhyme, which has been spoiled by mechanical use.
Austin Clarke
In my early 20s, connecting with fiction was a difficult process. There seemed to be little rhyme or reason to what was meaningful, what convinced, and what made sense.
Rhyme, that enslaved queen, that supreme charm of our poetry, that creator of our meter.
I saw I could rhyme words. It came simply to me. But I wrote some pretty horrible songs that I still have on tape.
Del Shannon
A rhyme doesn’t make a song.
Dorothy Fields
I rarely get recognized, and whenever I do, it has to do with ‘The Leftovers‘ because it came into someone’s life at a particularly important time for them – if they were dealing with grief or loss or whatever tragedy – and they just caught it. And there is no rhyme or reason to the kind of person it is.
A good emcee will rhyme a lot of different ways. Don’t limit yourself.
With the super duper flow, I created that one word rhyme style.
Being older now, grown, I’m like, ‘What do we really do that’s fun?’ I’m kind of corny when you think about it. What could I rhyme about? Let me see, um, I gotta pay the rent today.
There’s no point in fighting guys when there’s no structure, there’s no rhyme or reason to who gets the title shot.
When the vastness of God meets the restriction of our own humanity, words can’t hold it. The best we can do is find the moments that rhyme with this expansive heart of God.
My father‘s a preacher, my mother‘s a teacher, thus I rhyme.
No poet is required to write in stanzas, or indeed in regular forms at all. Coleridge’s ‘Dejection: An Ode’ has a rhyme scheme and sequence of long and short lines that goes without regular pattern, following the mood and whim of the poet. Such a form is known as an irregular ode.
Sometimes you are lucky enough to get offered things, and there is no rhyme or reason. I am very lucky because I come from England, and you have a whole range of things offered to you, from television plays and shows and theatre, so much more to explore, so it’s never really money.
I don’t sing melodically. Rhyme pattern is how I sing. I also write like a lyricist or an MC because that’s what I was before I was a singer. I just took those elements and put them into music.
Making words rhyme for a living is one of the great joy

Making words rhyme for a living is one of the great joys of my life… That’s a superpower I’ve been very conscious of developing. I started at the same level as everybody else, and then I just listened to more music and talked to myself until it was an actual superpower I could pull out on special occasions.
I want to prove that if you write in strict meter and rhyme about subjects people care about, they will buy poetry.
If you play jazz, then you play with your fingers. If you’re playing rock, you use a pick. There’s really no rhyme or reason to that other than that’s just the way it has been.
It’s hard to write a song about reality because reality doesn’t rhyme.
I knew I had a sharper mind than most others and I had a sense of rhyme. One didn’t even need to sing melodies. It felt like the perfect way to make my way out of the gutter.
It’s difficult to learn poems off by heart that don’t rhyme.
I don’t write down my experiences, but I have a very decent memory. I have tons of books in which I write down phrases as they occur to me. That’s how I write songs. I’ll need a line and I’ll go through the books and find it, the right rhyme and everything.
There’s more to hip-hop than just trying to make everything rhyme, and you find out in life that everything don’t rhyme. The music they’re cutting is musically fantastic.
It’s important to me that my songs actually make sense. So often, I turn on the radio, and I have no idea what the people are singing about. It may sound good, but when you listen, they’re just saying words that rhyme. It’s another song about nothing.
Emceeing has always been about making the most intellectual, most creative, wittiest rhyme as possible regardless of any subject. It was always about bringing the best out of yourself.
Some people just have a love for words and thinking about words that rhyme.
Olafur Darri Olafsson
When I first started reading poetry, all the poets I read – Edgar Allan Poe, Oliver Wendell Holmes, John Greenleaf Whittier – were rhyme poets. That’s what captured me.
Oh, love will make a dog howl in rhyme.
Francis Beaumont
Rhyme patterns are nothing without meanings to the words. A lot of rappers can do those flows, but the raps aren’t really about anything – which is cool sometimes, but to have the flow and the message is one of my favorite things.
I like a very dark house, just black. I sit there and just think. Once I’m still and quiet inside, I’ll begin. It’s very personal; it has to be. One song may be Bach, the next blues, a song from TV, or a nursery rhyme or jazz piece.
Evil is often supposed to be without rhyme or reason.
Being a student of hip-hop in general, you take technical aspects from places. You may take a rhyme pattern or flow from Big Daddy Kane or Kool G Rap.
If you call ‘Rapper’s Delight‘ an old-school record, I agree with you. If you call Sugar Hill Gang old school, I agree with you. Not because they came out in ’79 or ’80, but because in 2002, that’s still the way Hank and Mike rhyme.
There’s something so wonderful about writing in rhyme where it isn’t just the meaning of the words, it’s the music to the words and the shape and the sound.
I love poetry. I love rhyming. Do you know, there are poets who don’t rhyme? Shakespeare did not rhyme most of the time, and that’s why I do not like him.
Rappers tend to use words sometimes that just rhyme and don’t really mean nothing.
Trick Daddy
I’m a terrible punster. And I love to rhyme. I just can’t help myself.
I wanna rhyme about God.
You got a lot of girls out there that can rhyme and are underground, but it’s sex appeal that makes people really big.
Seeing the fight game and seeing the way things have worked out, a guy could be on a seven-fight, monstrous win streak and not get a title shot. There’s no rhyme or reason to it.
There’s nothing I’d rather do than sort of, you know, sit at my computer and rhyme.
I would like to see more of the making of just regular television shows. Like the casting process. I think it’s so fascinating to watch the actors come in and see how they discuss everybody afterwards. It’s a crazy world that has no rhyme or reason.
When I first spit my first rhyme in public on my school bus, I had an audience.
When I did rap and rhyme, it wasn’t just a word that rhymed with another one.
Rudy Ray Moore
My son, O’Shea. He looks like me, and he can rhyme.
My mother was always fascinated with the fact that I could rhyme so much stuff.
A whole bunch of 'ayes' and a whole bunch of 'yeahs.' T

A whole bunch of ‘ayes’ and a whole bunch of ‘yeahs.’ That’s it. That’s all I do. I say yeah. I tell myself that I’m not gon’ go over 80. I say, like, 79 yeahs, and it works. We what you call mumble rappers. So you say ‘yeah’ after everything and make it rhyme no matter what it is.
While I was in junior high, I wrote an entire essay in rhyme about manufacturing in New York State. In high school, I won a Scholastic poetry contest.