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I was a rabid 'Seinfeld' fan. Then I did the show, and

I was a rabidSeinfeldfan. Then I did the show, and it ruined the show for me. Not that it ruined the quality of the show, but I had seen behind the curtain at Oz.
I think when you dissect a joke too much, you have ruined whatever there is in comedy.
We are half ruined by conformity, but we should be wholly ruined without it.
Charles Dudley Warner
There’s discussion in athletics about how sportwhere they say ‘SportsCenter‘ has ruined the fundamentals of basketball because it’s – it only applauds dunks and three point shots and blocks, and I think, you know, the cable news has done the same thing for politics.
It’s amazing how coke encompasses everything in your life. Addicts cannot confront life because they only think of their next hit. I ruined life for my parents, my sister and all my friends.
When his life was ruined, his family killed, his farm destroyed, Job knelt down on the ground and yelled up to the heavens, ‘Why god? Why me?’ and the thundering voice of God answered, ‘There’s just something about you that pisses me off.’
I was missing the main weight-bearing bone in both legs. And the left leg, I didn’t have a full knee. It was a floating knee. I had six toes. My hands were webbed, and I also have one kidney. I don’t have a full bicep on my right side. Thank God my hair didn’t get ruined.
I played one year of fantasy football in high school. You really get into it. It makes more fans of the NFL, and people love talking about it. They’ll come up to me and say, ‘Why did you throw an interception? You ruined my fantasy team!’ Or they’re happy because they got you for a bargain.
I laugh much more during takes than I do during real life. Maybe because you’re not supposed to. I’ve ruined many takes because I will lose it.
There are the tears of rage when books get praised when they’re so obviously garbage. But then there are so many more that continue to move me: the end of ‘Paradise Lost,’ ‘The Ruined Cottage‘ by Wordsworth, Prospero’s ‘Our revels now are endedspeech near the end of ‘The Tempest.’
Do we care about these people that are HIV-positive whose lives have been ruined? Those are the people I’m the most concerned about. Every night I think about this.
But how odd that in this heathen nation of empty pews, where churchesbare, ruined choirs are converted into luxury loft living, a Labour governmentyes, a Labour government – is deliberately creating a huge expansion of faith schools.
When TV came, it was a great medium and then daily soaps came in and ruined the quality of the work we were doing.
The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.
Tone is so important because you can have a great script just be ruined with the wrong director – if they shtick it up or something. With ‘Little Miss Sunshine,’ I was so concerned they weren’t going to play the pageant official realistically because you don’t have to wink to play those kinds of characters.
Beth Grant
When it comes to art in general now, we’ve become so aware of our influence. We know when people are listening, when people are watching. It’s not healthy. We start creating with that in the background of our mind. I think it’s ruined my mind.
Time has ruined a lot of the way we eat and we approach food.
Mark Brand
Grand Royalstarted because we were on the Lollapalooza tour, and we wanted to send this message to people that the mosh pit is corny. Stop doing that. MTV has ruined it, and it’s dangerous, and girls are getting hurt.
Whoever conquers a free town and does not demolish it commits a great error and may expect to be ruined himself.
Having two bathrooms ruined the capacity to co-operate.
Barbie ruined my life! It’s a really bad image for women. For a long time I thought I was deformed – because my heels didn’t touch the ground. I was walking around on tiptoes. What’s up with that? I think that it’s a bad thing for a woman to try to emulate.
There’s a big difference between being privileged and being spoilt. My parents always said, ‘Spoilt means ruined, and you’re not ruined, just incredibly fortunate.’
People who have no hold over their process of thinking are likely to be ruined by liberty of thought. If thought is immature, liberty of thought becomes a method of converting men into animals.
All creatures tread across the rubble of ruined civilizations. The trick is to keep moving. No animal ever goes about dispensing shallow compassion.
For a head of state presiding over a ruined economy, an active army with its low wages is god-sent: All he’s got to do is provide it with an objective.
Herbert Hoover was a man of genuine, fine character, but he lacked practical political sense. And he couldn’t bend and shift and change with the requirements of the time. And he was a ruined President, because he was such a, I think, stiff-backed ideologue. And I think that speaks volumes about his character.
No nation was ever ruined by trade.
The heart of the 2008 financial crisis was a coterie of reckless financial executives, working for too-big-to-fail financial companies, who were handsomely compensated for taking risks that almost ruined the economy when they failed.
Chidamabaram has ruined the economy. He has turned out to be a third-rate failure as finance minister.
I am just sorry my own mother had to live under that regime for most of her life. I was lucky. I got out and, 14 years later, Czechoslovakia became a free country. So I feel anger, even fury, at this bloody system that ruined so many people‘s lives for no reason whatsoever.
A lot of Thanksgiving days have been ruined by not carving the turkey in the kitchen.
At Cisco, I made every decision based on what was good

At Cisco, I made every decision based on what was good for the company, and that pretty much ruined my marriage and my health.
Sandra Lerner
I have an issue with others ordering for me, and I spend far too long haranguing people that my choices are the best. I apologize for the amount of conversations I have ruined with this attitude.
I never resorted to the spitter until I was obliged to. I nearly ruined my arm throwing curves.
Red Faber
In the 80s, mum used to make a beautiful beef in red wine sauce, which I thought very exotic. And an incredible chilli con carne, with baked beans so it wasn’t too spicy for us. Later, when I asked for the recipes, she said: ‘I don’t know – they were Colman’s or Schwartz’s packet mixes.’ It completely ruined it for me.
Music has completely taken over every aspect of my life and ruined everything.
Wes Borland
As a moviegoer, I’m always annoyed when a big joke is ruined in the trailer, but generally, it actually makes it play better.
The reason for this project comes from my childhood, that is clear to me. I did not have any toys. So, I played in the bricks of ruined buildings around me and with which I built houses.
Anselm Kiefer
Sadly the job security of lawyers has been ruined, so they are less willing to defend political defendants.
Whoever boards a boat and tries to enter Europe illegally has ruined his chances of gaining asylum in Europe and will be sent back.
The common liberal orthodoxy that living close to the land leads to eco-awareness is historically naive, considering that Mesopotamia, northern Africa, and the Mayan civilization were ruined by people who had lived there quite a long while.
The tragedy of all of this is that it happened to me and it shouldn’t have happened. It ruined my life and my career. That’s the tragedy of this.
My first marriage was ruined by feminist indoctrination.
My thirties were ruined by being pregnant. I loved my babies but I had been quite successful before I had them, playing Lady Macbeth and Hedda Gabler, one of my favourite roles.
The studios are nervous on every movie. It never ends, because Marty’s movies are so unusual. He doesn’t repeat himself, so they don’t know what to expect. We have to fight hard to keep them from being ruined. Film students can’t believe that when I tell them, because they think, ‘Well, it’s Martin Scorsese.’
The earth is the Lord‘s. Psalm 24 basically says the earth is God’s property. We have been given the privilege and responsibility of living on earth to see it isn’t ruined.
Allen Johnson
I’ve been offered, I think it was £300,000 to play live two concerts in London some years ago. And I said ‘No. No thanks.’ I would rather stay home here and change oil on my car, or collect some rotten wood from the forest, spread on my ruined former agricultural land.
The popular image that Hollywood is ruined by difficult prima donna actors is nonsense. They’re certainly very nice to directors. I can’t say the same about producers, who I found difficult, paranoid, and certifiably insane, mostly.
Nigel Cole
Drugs have ruined Punjab.
I was worried about being the nut that ruined 40 years of Bond history.
Rick Yune
Editing is where movies are made or broken. Many a film has been saved and many a film has been ruined in the editing room.
I don’t like the idea of being eaten by a shark. I like to swim in the ocean, and I think much more about sharks than anyone should. I really resent the fact that my oceangoing experiences are ruined by ‘Jaws.’
A man of genius has been seldom ruined but by himself.
I can’t watch shows like ‘The X Factor,’ for instance. I just squirm for the people involved, for the way they’re being used. It’s the cruellest, most ridiculous show on television. It’s ruined music, ruined everything.
John Simm
Once in a century a man may be ruined or made insufferable by praise. But surely once in a minute something generous dies for want of it.
John Masefield
The happiness of most people is not ruined by great catastrophes or fatal errors, but by the repetition of slowly destructive little things.
Ernest Dimnet
Cell phones, alas, have pretty much ruined train travel, which I used to love. I could read or even sketch notes for what I was working on.
I’ve always been aware that the image you patiently construct for an entire career can be ruined in a minute. It scares you a bit, but that’s the way things are.
I don’t understand it when people get cross about how one of their works was adapted and say, ‘Oh, they ruined it!’ Well, the book is still there.
I had a very big crush on Errol Flynn during ‘Captain Blood.’ I thought he was absolutely smashing for three solid years, but he never guessed. Then he had one on me but nothing came of it. I’m not going to regret that; it could have ruined my life.
My life won‘t be ruined if I don’t achieve all of my political goals.
Let every man, every corporation, and especially let every village, town, and city, every county and State, get out of debt and keep out of debt. It is the debtor that is ruined by hard times.
The first time my mom was hospitalized, she was forcibl

The first time my mom was hospitalized, she was forcibly sedated before I was admitted to see her. When I arrived, someone handed me a plastic bag containing her belongings: the ruined clothes that had been cut off her body with scissors.
Saddam Hussein was the one person after whom the United States went, and they ruined the country.
A lot of the songs are based on my previous relationship. It didn’t work out. I lost him, and it ruined me. I had to learn to get back on my feet. I used that heartbreak to create something really beautiful.
I’ll tell you, Nashville ruined country music.
As a viewer, I never want any movie ruined for me, no matter what the genre is.
MTV ruined music for us.
Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.
You have those songs that are very special to you that you don’t want to get ruined by production. Something like ‘Start Again‘ shouldn’t be touched. It’s a classic-sounding song on a piano and violins and harmonies, and I think those songs are perfect as they are.
Conrad Sewell
I failed myself when I ruined a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be Robert Griffin III’s running mate during his Heisman Trophy-winning season at Baylor.
When I did small films like Lily and Buenos Vista, everyone thought my career would be ruined.
Leslie Caron
Twilight‘ has ruined me. When this is all over, flying internationally is going to be very hard for me. It is just not worth it to buy a first-class ticket, because of the cost.
I had a great job and I lost it, but I’m doing great now, I have a great family, my daughters all live with me. Did I have a setback? Absolutely, but I don’t look at it like a ruined my life.
I think it’s an amazing quality to be able to roll with the punches and not be totally ruined as a person because life’s been rough for you. That’s a really admirable way to go through your life.
There were several appeals, but I ruined it all by escaping after three years inside. I was being transported to court and we stopped to use the rest room. There were two sheriffs and I managed to get away. I out-ran a helicopter, got on the aeroplane and went to Florida.
I was always fearful I would become That Guy. The guy who had regret. ‘Yeah, we won a couple of championships, but I never saw my kids grow up. Yeah, we beat Georgia a couple of times, but I ruined my marriage.’
I stopped watching TV because of ‘The Wire.’ Like, ‘The Wire’ ruined everything for me because I don’t even want to watch anything else now.
The character of a people may be ruined by charity.
CGI has fully ruined car crashes. Because how can you be impressed with them now? When you watch them in the ’70s, it was real cars, real metal, real blasts. They’re really doing it and risking their lives. But I knew CGI was gonna start taking over.
I feel like ‘Sweat‘ arrived on Broadway at the moment that it needed to. I feel like a commercial audience was not prepared for ‘Ruined’ or ‘Intimate Apparel‘ for many different reasons.
There was an honorable tradition of using anonymous sources that was ruined by Jayson Blair.
If I go to a restaurant, other people stare. The meal is ruined.
An actor‘s performance can be improved or shaped – or ruined – by what takes you use, how long you are on the actor’s face, what line you put on the other actor’s face, and when do you use close-ups or wide shots or two shots.
When I was young, Tchaikovsky was ruined for me by conductors who made it slick and treacly. Hearing Valery Gergiev conduct Tchaikovsky has been a revelation – he brings out all its raw passion. And Gergiev with the super-virtuoso LSO – well, it’s just the perfect combination.
What is a democrat? One who believes that the republicans have ruined the country. What is a republican? One who believes that the democrats would ruin the country.
I’ve been asked a lot why didn’t ‘Ruined’ go to Broadway. It was the most successful play that Manhattan Theatre Club has ever had in that particular space, and yet we couldn’t find a home on Broadway.
Jim Bakker. He’s lost everything, he’s ruined. And the worst thing of all he still has to wake up to her!
I feel like, with myself, I ruined myself to the point where I wasn’t functional enough to work for anybody, even myself. I wasn’t working.
Ruby Wax has basically ruined my career. You’ll see when you watch the programme. I get more intimate with Ruby than I’ve ever been with another woman.
Overnight stardom can be harmful to your mental health. Yeah. It has ruined a lot of people.
If I had one quality that really ruined me and at the same time helped me, it was the fact that I never stopped looking, and by that time I was really working at it.
Gil Kane
A majority of women’s magazines feature women who do amazing things, but then the article focuses on how she ruined it with her shoes.
Personally, until Mike Trout came into the league I tho

Personally, until Mike Trout came into the league I thought I would be in the conversation for best player in the game. Then he screwed that up for everybodyBabe Ruth and Ted Williams included. He has ruined it for everyone.
Once I learned that some hydrating oil or cream was good for my hair, I thought I should use a lot. So I poured practically a bottle on my head once and learned real fast that more isn’t always better. I was so greasy, and it ruined my texture!